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Throwback Thursday post from 2012.  I seriously can’t believe this was from 2012.  Where does time go?  I read somewhere that it feels like it takes 15 years to get from age 2 to 5 and then from the time they hit kindergarten, every day feels like a second.  These parents are people who value community and children and family.  I was lucky enough to shoot them when I was portfolio building.  We did a maternity session and then a newborn session.  This was one of the first sessions where I realized how fun it is to shoot in your client’s home.  Clients feel comfortable in their homes and I do too.  You can shoot people and details and its challenging to find the good light and its just all around awesome.

Celeste started off with her keyboarding skillz.  Bonus points for sticking her tongue out in concentration.  She showed me a ton of books including Otis and the Tornado and Snowflakes in Photographs! Google Snowflake Bentley if you would like to introduce kids to photography.  Her dad had a few things he wanted used in the shoot and who could blame him?  Vintage bonnet and blanket?  Yes, please.  I want to incorporate what is important and sentimental to you.  So here Harriet is in her grandpa’s bonnet and then we incorporated an afghan her great grandma crocheted. Their pup wanted in on the action too… After that, I shot some including their grandparents and then Celeste showed me how she rides her bike.  She had just learned so this was a big deal!

Anyway, I ran into Celeste’s Dad this week at a coffee shop while I was at a mentoring meetup (you guys, she is good. so looking forward to implementing some new stuff) in St. Johns which reminded me of this session and I wanted to post this on the blog.  If you are interested in newborn session at your home, please send me an email at  I would love to work with you.



little girl playing keyboard

girl in pocket light with doll


newborn on vintage afghan and vintage white bonnet

lifestyle family session with tons of cds family on bed, big sister and little sister on bed. newborn and older sister

granddaughters with grandparents family in front of fall leaves, little girl riding bike


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