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Last November, my partner in crime Summer stumbled across an Instagram posting for an event called Photo Field Trip.  It promised to be different than other photography conferences.  WPPI has Las Vegas and awesome hotels.  Field Trip had Santa Barbara and glamping.  Summer and I decided to take the plunge.  I seriously love photography related trips whether it is a conference, a second shooting opportunity, traveling for a wedding, mini sessions while on vacation, whatever.  So I was totally excited to sign up for this.

So we applied and we got accepted and the sort of freak out began (at least for me).  But I knew it was going to be cool and fun and awesome.  Did I know it might be one of the coolest things I have ever experienced?  I didn’t. But it was.  It was super awesome and I can’t wait for next year.  Everyone there from the organizers to the teachers to the attendees gave their all, 100% x a million and it showed.

I’m shy by nature and this  year I was a bit reserved and if I have any regrets it was that I was not more outgoing.  But next year, I can change that.  Thanks to everyone at Field Trip.  I took barely any pictures but I will never forget the memories for a second!!  :)


Every trip to California includes a trip to In-N-Out but every one does not include grey stormy clouds that dumped on us about 20 minutes after I landed.  Soaking rains and sideways blowing palm trees.  A week before FT, the weather people predicted that a huge storm was going to descend on SoCal and it did!  Out went my pedicured toes and sandals and into my suitcase went rain boots, raincoat, umbrella…

After we stopped at In-N-Out, we headed from Ontario to Santa Barbara.  We pulled into El Capitan Canyon campground and in my mid freakout I begged Summer to keep driving up 101! Please! but thank goodness she didn’t and we stopped and checked in and everyone was super cool.  Our cabin was right along this little creek, which was awesome to listen to.  We got these cute little friendship bracelets that we had to take a picture of.

We got our cabin assignment which just so happened to be one of the ones that Vicki and Alexis et. al stayed in when the Real Housewives of the OC glamped at this campground.  Which was exciting for me, I’ll be honest with ya.  I only have a little Housewives shame.  It is my guilty pleasure.  

Cute camping cup. Sweet Poler knapsack that I have been using all the time since.

Sitting by the fire in the cabin drinking a cup of coffee.  The view out the windows toward the creek.

Cake and props from the class the Art of Styling by Anna Naphtali. Awesome class! Can I do food photography please.

Waiting in line for dinner in the tiny creek that formed in the mess hall.  Lots of rain.  Supah dorky picture of me on my way to evening stuff.  You need a headlamp if you want to carry an umbrella and a beverage.

Here is a snap from Amelia Lyon’s class on Off camera flash which was awesome.  It was raining and cold and Amelia and the models hung in through the whole thing.  Thank you!

On Sunday, we rode bikes down to the beach with the Encarnacions who are photographers from Northern California. They are funny and friendly. We had a fun time!   At this campground, you can rent bikes for free if you have an ID and a credit card.  Rent the bikes, ride down the road over the 101, to an awesome little beach across the street.  Watch the waves, collect cool stuff, surf, etc.

The last night was Lazers and Blazers.  I love dancing.  That is all.



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