beautiful wedding in palm springs!

I had the opportunity to be a second shooter for my partner in crime Summer of Summer Shea Photography in Palm Springs. If you are a photographer and don’t have a partner in crime, its time to get one.  You will grow, you will improve, and your clients will thank you.  and so will you for having the opportunity to explore the things you like with someone you like.   I was so stoked to go to Palm Springs the first weekend of January and escape our dreary Portland winter.  It was so gorgeous there.  Blue skies, sunny and warm (although very chilly at night – thats the desert for ya, bring your fleece), beautiful palm trees.  This wedding was so special to me because it was two brides getting married, Cass and Esther.  Cass and Esther had planned the perfect event to celebrate their marriage, not a detail was left out.  I teared up several times while I shot, it was so amazing to see.  The whole event took place at Hotel Alcazar in Palm Springs which is such a nice place to stay if you visit Palm Springs. Check it out.

The ceremony and reception took place surrounding a beautiful pool with lights strung overhead.

Their rehearsal took place under starry skies and pretty lights.


After the rehearsal, guests hung out and watched movies poolside while the women enjoyed a spa night.

The next day, we woke up early to get ourselves ready for the day to capture Cass and Esther’s big day!

While the brides had their formal pictures together, guests enjoyed a cocktail hour with appetizers and drinks.

A colorful candy bar sat poolside.

As the sun set, it was so beautiful as the candles and string lights illuminated the reception area.

After dinner, the emcee hosted a game of “Who’s your Besty” where teams competed to see who knew Cass and Esther best.

Throughout the whole evening, Cass and Esther’s DJ had an awesome playlist going.  Seriously song after song. Guests danced all night.  They got down.  It was so fun to watch.

When the cake was brought out, it was an red velvet armadillo cake a la Steel Magnolias.

As the night went on, Cass surprised Esther with a visit from Wendy Ho.  Who, if you haven’t heard of her, is a comedienne/singer from Southern California and she is definitely not safe for work so don’t go googling her if your boss or your kids or your mom are around.  But if they aren’t and you aren’t sheepish, check her out because she is super funny.



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